Seeing Her

For she said to herself,

“If only I touch his garment, I will be made well.”

Jesus turned and seeing her he said,

“Take heart daughter your faith has made you well.”

(Matthew 9:21-22)

I can see this passage perfectly. And it gives me great hope!
You only need to have faith!

Jesus performed miracles, because being the Son of God, that’s what he did. In Matthew chapter 9, we meet a woman. I can only imagine how this woman felt. For twelve years she had suffered. The way she suffered could not be easily seen on the outside. I imagine she hid it well. She had spent all her money for doctors to tell her that she could not be fixed. This woman was broken and she knew it.

But one day, she hears that Jesus is in town and he is on his way to heal a dying girl. This was her chance! “If I only touch his garment, I will be made well.” So as he passes her on the crowded street she sees him, she touches the fringe of his robes. And that’s all it took. She was healed; the bleeding stopped. Her constant companion for twelve years was gone. But almost immediately following, something greater happens.
The spiritual healing was not far behind.

“Jesus turned and seeing her…”
He saw her.

Jesus feels the power leave his body;
he turns and knows exactly who touched him…
And when she comes forward and admits that it was her,
he looks into her eyes and sees her.

Can you imagine what Jesus saw??

“Jesus turned and seeing her…”
Seeing her soul, seeing her vulnerability, seeing her hurts,
seeing her hopes, seeing her faith.

He saw her for who she was in that moment… faithful.

I feel he must have seen her past and her future as well.
He sees her and that’s all it took.
She had faith. Jesus saw her. End of story. Well, beginning.

Jesus sees you. He sees your hurts, your fears and your hopes.
So please be encouraged that when you are walking through life and you feel invisible, defeated, alone or just done…

He sees you.

“Take heart daughter your faith has made you well.”

(Matthew 9:18-22 ESV and Luke 40-48 ESV)